Our Story

Farm & Fire celebrates the quality, beauty and function of homemade food and handmade ceramic objects.

Farm & Fire is a venture of father and daughter, David and Ada Smith.

David is the middle man between earth and fire, Ada is the middle woman between artist hands and your hands. He makes, she markets.

As a girl, Ada would hang around her dad’s studio, poking her head in to see what new kinds of pots Dad was throwing. Jazz music played and the woodstove was always cranking during the cold days, drying out freshly thrown pots. Ada knew her Dad’s objects were something special.

But in rural Wisconsin, the earthiness of Davids Japanese-inspired teabowls, kimchi crocs and sake bottles pushed the envelope as to what “beautiful” objects were supposed to look like in the Western mind. After graduating from college and traveling the world, Ada decided that her creative calling was to share the magic of the Kegonsa Anagama kiln and sprinkle it around the world.

 With that, Farm & Fire was born.

David makes work throughout the year, culminating into one firing every spring for 7 days and 7 nights where family, friends, and students alike keep the Kegonsa Anagama kiln burning around the clock. His work is then sold around the world to those who appreciate the ancient process and product.

David lives on the farmstead in Stoughton, Wisconsin. Ada lives on the Sunshine Coast, British Columbia. We want to share with you our combined skills.

Our Manifesto

We celebrate the imperfections that come from the touch of human hands, the test of natural elements, and memorable making, firing and using of ceramic objects.

We honor the unpredictibility of the elements in the wood-firing process – fire and earth. What ends up in your hands is highly dependent on the temperamental force of fire and sensitive surface of clay. Trying to attain beauty and control nature is all part of the game in the unique objects we produce.

None are exactly the same – an effect of handmade, wood-fired quality – and thus every object is full of personality and tradition.

On this site…

On this site, we hope to share with you our passion for making food and art from the ground up. You’ll find David’s functional wood-fired ceramic objects for sale in the shop, info about the kiln and wood-firing process, and recipes and inspiration for making and sharing memorable meals.